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Decorative panels Wallpaper

As a manufacturer specializing in panoramic wallpaper printing, we are committed to producing high-quality decor. To achieve this, we print our panoramic wallpapers using fine art printing techniques, on perfectly matte non-woven paper specially designed for the effect, with the velvety look of high-quality paper. Don't hesitate to contact us for any special request; if you require a specific backing, dimensions or colors for your panoramic tapestry, we will certainly be able to propose a solution adapted to your decoration project.


The history of panoramic paper

Heir to panoramic tapestries, which covered the walls of homes to insulate them while offering précious ornamentation, panoramic wallpaper first appeared in the 19th century. In recent years, panoramic wallpaper has made a comeback. Very much in vogue, it is now adorned with a wide range of patterns and ornaments to become the star attraction of your room. This type of wall decoration is older than it seems. By applying lilies whose motifs follow one another, these decorations become veritable trompe-l'œil mural frescoes, taking us into another world. At the beginning of the 19th century, with the rise of the bourgeoisie and the development of society salons, the subjects of these painted panoramas were often mythological scenes, landscapes, historical landscapes, genre scenes, exotic scenes or chinoiseries. A few years later, with the development of railroads and steam engines, new means of transport and long-distance travel became popular. A number of pioneering manufacturers created spectacular designs, some of which can still be seen today. Among these pioneering companies are Dufour, Desfossé and Délicourt. Painters such as Jean-Gabriel Charvet, Jean-Julien Deltil and Pierre-Antoine Mongin were called upon to create these creations. In the 1850s, although there were still a few fine creations, the vogue for panoramic paper waned due to a lack of innovation in subjects and techniques. This type of décor continues to exist, but is becoming more discreet in interiors, shrinking in size and leaving its place to trinkets. Today, panoramic papers draw their inspiration from these classic themes as well as from really contemporary themes. Thanks to digital printing, the only limit to their ornamentation is your imagination. Digital printing makes it possible to design spectacular, high-quality horns at affordable prices.

The origin of this word

The adjective “panoramic” comes from the word “panorama”. The Greek origins of this word suggest the notion of a circular view obtained from an elevated position above a landscape, so that nothing interferes with contemplation, which is not the case for our panoramic wallpapers. As for the adjective panoramic, it first appeared in the 1840s.

Focus on panoramic wallpaper and its trends

Like all ornamentation, panoramic wallpaper has its trends. Landscape and historical panoramas are currently in vogue. These decorations, often inspired by older paintings and decorations, offer spectacular historical trompe-l'oeil. More broadly, the trend is towards nature, tropical and exotic themes. There has also been a resurgence in art déco and géométrique. Les Papiers de Paris offers you a range of backgrounds based on these themes, so you can sublimate your interiors and create a tailor-made backdrop unlike any other.

How can panoramic wallpaper find its place in your home?

Panoramic wallpaper can be installed in many different configurations. It bends to your desires to design a unique décor. Here are a few examples of panoramic installations: wallpaper is the perfect way not only to dress up your walls, but also to give your home an inimitable cachet.

Choosing the right panoramic wallpaper for a living room

Panoramic living room wallpaper is certainly one of the most popular uses. This room is the center of the home, so we like to highlight it with unique elements. By choosing this wall ornamentation, you'll create an atmosphere like no other. Whether trompe-l'oeil, purely ornamental or truly contemporary, your room will be transformed.

What panoramic wallpaper for a bedroom?

It's very easy to install panoramic wallpaper in a bedroom. Our company offers a number of models that are particularly suitable for this purpose. By choosing this type of decor for your bedroom, you'll be helping to create an atmosphere unlike any other. Panoramic wallpaper in both adult and children's bedrooms is the ideal solution for creating a true cocoon of well-being, a real bubble of peace and quiet. Panoramic wallpaper can even become a bed head. As a specialist in beautiful panoramic wallpaper, Les Papiers de Paris particularly recommends that you turn to blue or grisaille panoramic wallpapers. These soft, neutral shades are ideal for this type of room.

Our expertise in panoramic wallpapers

Are you planning to install panoramic wallpaper in your living room or bedroom? Our company is at your disposal to design exceptional wallpapers. Don't hesitate to browse our site to discover our catalog of models. You've found a panoramic paper reference you like, but it doesn't match the dimensions of your room or the color you want? We can offer you a solution tailored to your project. All you have to do is tell us what you want to change, and we'll get back to you with a customized quote. We can also adapt our panoramic wallpapers to fit entire rooms by making specific alterations. What's more, if you've fallen in love with a work conserved in one of the establishments managed by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, we can reproduce it on wallpaper. Finally, you can receive your grand panoramic pre-painted or marouflaged on canvas stretched over wooden frames for a perfect result... .