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Exotic Wallpaper

Exoticism has been a traditional source of inspiration for panoramic wallpapers, since their appearance in the 18th century. The trend today is, even more, for tropical wallpaper and we find the themes of Egypt, Brazil, the jungle, with a profusion of palm trees and other lush flowers. Here is a selection of our tropical and exotic panoramic wallpapers. We also recommend you to discover our Floral Wallpapers. See also Landscape wallpapers


Our exotic Asian inspired panoramic wallpapers

The first exotic wallpapers were carried by the vogue of chinoiseries in the eighteenth century, then by that of Japonism in the second half of the nineteenth century and its corollary, the attraction for Korea. This fashion corresponds then to a weariness towards classicism. In full agreement with the rocaille style, chinoiserie satisfied the taste for anti-conformist fantasies. These exotic decorations are developed in all decorative arts: trinkets, dishes, furniture and of course tapestry. This style inspired by Asia is characterized by its ornamental richness and its profusion of small picturesque details: colorful birds, green bamboo, elaborate pagodas, elaborate costumes, mischievous seats ... Conversely, the aesthetics of Japanism is more sober with flat colors and a certain lack of perspective: the prints of Utamaro or Hokusai become major sources of inspiration. Whether you are looking for Chinese, Japanese or Korean inspired panoramic papers, you will certainly find what you are looking for on our website. Moreover, we can also create your own decor: to do so, simply go to the Reunion des Musées Nationaux website and note the reference you want; also tell us the dimensions and possible changes in coloring considered. We will quickly get back to you with a detailed estimate. We also carry out adaptations of old or contemporary panoramic decorations on elevations in order to create a unique interior decoration for our clients. You will be able to dress your interior according to the same decorative theme.

Panoramic jungle wallpapers: when wild animals invite themselves into our interiors

The attraction to botany as a theme for exotic panoramic wallpapers is not recent. This taste for fauna, flora, and horticulture appeared as early as the end of the 18th century and developed throughout the first half of the 19th century. These decorations reflect more broadly the fashion for the distant which is characterized in the minds of the time by an exuberant nature dreamed, fantasized and populated by a wild bestiary. It is a kind of lost paradise, a true Eden of the Tropics.

An original decor that will easily find its place in your home

Contrary to what you might think, this type of exotic wallpaper goes well with most of our interiors. It takes up, in fact, plants patterns that combine perfectly with all styles of decoration. So don't hesitate any longer and let the canopy invade your walls: palm trees, banana trees, bamboo inhabited by parrots, toucans, pink flamingos, little monkeys and other Bengal tiger will find a place of choice in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom!

Exotic wallpaper comes in all shades

If you're looking for an authentic, nostalgia-tinged vibe, our Doum palm tree panoramic wallpaper is sure to please! This model, created from Jean-Louis Delignon's print, brings to life Napoleon's Egyptian campaign while being provided with the soft and sober tones typical of engravings. This cameo of light brown will bring a retro touch to your interior. Also check out "Brazilian Plantation", a panoramic wallpaper with palm trees that draws its inspiration from an oil on canvas by the Haarlem painter Frans Post. Its shades of browns and ochres will give warmth to your interior and warm up your decorative atmosphere. Conversely, if you want to bring a bold color to your room as well as some depth, we recommend turning to a trompe l'oeil like "Captain Cook travels". Originally designed by Jean-Gabriel Charvet, this reference is a reissue of an exotic panoramic wallpaper originally created in 1804 by the Dufour factory. Charvet cheerfully draws on all the springs of atmospheric perspective to create a landscape of true dreamlike realism: with repulsive figures in the foreground, a background made up of large palm trees and a background showing the battle between the native Hawaiians and the British during which the navigator James Cook died. This fresco is a true ode to a nature that is calm and lush; soothing and relaxing, this decor is an invitation to travel, to elsewhere. Thanks to its shades of green and blue enhanced by orange notes, this exotic wallpaper will become the central element of your room.

Tropical panoramic wallpapers in all sizes

Our tropical panoramic wallpaper is available in all formats: Papiers de Paris offers you to discover XXL wallpapers, whose patterns are cut on several strips, or references in single strip. The latter are perfect for those who want to add a touch of exoticism to their interior or who want to create decorative panels in the style of old noble homes. Whatever your project, we will be able to offer you an adapted and personalized solution. Depending on your needs, you can : choose one of our exotic wallpaper references available on our site; choose one of our models and adapt it in size and/or color. design a unique and custom-made panoramic wallpaper: we create original works of art to order according to the desired specifications. Would you like to know more about our products or do you have a specific request? Les Papiers de Paris are at your disposal at 09 81 80 28 33.

Discover our French know-how

Our company Les Papiers de Paris offers you top-of-the-line exotic panoramic wallpapers whose quality is unparalleled. All our references are designed, printed and checked in our workshops located in the Center of France. We have chosen to work only with noble materials and highly qualified printers to offer you panoramic jungle wallpapers worthy of a true work of art. In addition to this perfection of execution, our references are appreciated by professionals and individuals alike because they are easy to apply: they do not warp or shrink. Finally, they hide small imperfections in the walls and will allow you to obtain an optimal rendering.

More information about Exotic wallpapers

If you have some questions about your project to install a beautiful jungle, or exotic wallpaper, feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist in your project!