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Paris Wallpaper

Find on this page all our wall decorations on the theme of Paris through various old or recent works. Our high-end Paris wallpapers can be derived from various works such as old engravings like Turgot's plan; as you will see, they offer multiple decorative possibilities. You can also choose a reference of panoramic wallpapers Paris with the Eiffel Tower as a motif: this decoration also allows a striking effect, combining the traditional graphics of the wallpaper and the trompe l'oeil. See also: architectural wallpapers


Why choose one of our "Paris" panoramic wallpapers

Our Paris wallpaper series is perfect for giving your room's decor an urban or more classic feel. This type of decor is perfectly suited to all rooms of an interior (bedroom, living room, dining room, office ...) or but also for professional premises (store, restaurant, hotel room, guest room ...).

The expertise of Papiers de Paris

The panoramic wallpapers "views of Paris" offered by our luxury non-woven wallpaper company are all modifiable in size to perfectly fit the configuration of your apartment or house. Our team is at your disposal to present you with framing options that will respect not only the original artwork but also the layout for which the Paris wallpaper was intended. In addition to this customization service, we can also offer you, if the chosen model allows it, its adaptation in color. Thus, if you wish, you can enjoy a unique view of Paris in the colors that suit you best! This option will be particularly suitable for our gray decors. Finally, if you can't find the perfect "Paris" wallpaper, you can also browse the RMN website. Indeed, many museums and institutions keep Parisian landscapes, panoramas of Paris and aerial views of the capital in their collections, which can be reproduced in wallpaper.

"Paris view" wallpapers: and why not trompe-l'oeil?

Some of our panoramic "Paris" wallpapers belong to the landscape category. Therefore, their main characteristic is to present a wide horizon, a bit like an open window on the outside world. This type of decor rich in details and printed with the greatest care by our workshops in Central France is perfect to visually enlarge the room in which it takes place. You will find on our site, a wide choice of products rich in colors. The Cour du Louvre offers as its color scheme a whole cameo of gray. Thanks to its inimitable style, this design created from the work Entrance to the Louvre, on the river side, taken from inside the courtyard of Louis-Pierre Baltard of France, gives a graphic touch to your interior; on request, this decor in particular can be adapted in color (we offer it in blue, but it can be declined in the desired shade: pink, green, purple...). In a completely different style, we suggest you discover The monuments of Paris. It is a re-edition of a panoramic wallpaper from the Manufacture Dufour that represents an idealized view of the French capital. The viewer seems to take place on an extraordinary island where he crosses horse walkers and dancing girls and from which he can contemplate the most emblematic monuments of Paris: you will be able to recognize the Saint Chapelle, the fountain of the Châtelet, the Tuileries garden, the Porte Saint Denis or even Notre-Dame de Paris... We have no doubt that this panoramic wallpaper "Paris" will give a unique look to your interior. We mentioned a little earlier that our high-end "Paris" wallpapers were a bit like a window to the outside world, this point of view is especially true for our references The Eiffel Tower. It is a very graphic trompe l'oeil that plays on atmospheric perspective.

Plane or traditional view: our high-end "Paris" wallpapers adapt to your desires!

For centuries, Paris has been the capital of arts, culture and palaces: so, when it comes to decorating, adorning your walls with our images of the city of Paris means bringing this part of history and heritage into your home! You can choose the sober lines of the roofs, streets and boulevards of the capital by turning to an aerial view in plan or choose a more classic panoramic view. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that our Paris wallpapers will help you transform your apartment into a modern and stylish interior. This timeless and chic urban pattern has the significant advantage of being able to blend in with all types of interior decoration: contemporary, sober, elegant but also baroque and classic. That's why it will certainly suit you every time. All you have to do is choose the "Paris" theme wallpaper model among the references presented in our catalog! Would you like to know more about the quality wallpapers printed by our company in our workshop in central France? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you and make your decoration desires a reality! Please note that by appointment we can welcome you in our Parisian showroom to present you all our models! You will be able to see the quality and the know-how of our products! Succumb to our high-end wallpapers "Paris" to see life in big!

Air France 1947 - Manset fond blanc Air France 1947 - Manset
Roofs of Paris - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Roofs of Paris - Wallpaper mural
Monuments of Paris - Wallpaper fond blanc Monuments of Paris - Wallpaper
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Paris 1739 - Full map - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Paris 1739 - Full map - Wallpaper mural
Paris engraving - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Paris engraving - Wallpaper mural
Eiffel Tower - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Eiffel Tower - Wallpaper mural
Le Louvre - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Le Louvre - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #3 - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #3 - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #2 - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #2 - Wallpaper mural
Haute Couture - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Haute Couture - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #1 - Wallpaper mural fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #1 - Wallpaper mural
Screen - Paris map 1739 fond blanc Screen - Paris map 1739
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