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Geometric Wallpaper

Discover the decors with a resolutely modern spirit, at the heart of the current trend: wallpapers with geometric shapes, original designs that distinguish your interior among all, or works by artists such as Paul Klee or Vassily Kandinsky. A very contemporary and graphic effect and a very convincing integration in all types of interiors. See also: contemporary wallpapers.


Geometric panoramic wallpaper, popular with the contemporary trend

Wallpaper is in the spotlight in interior design, and with it, geometric wallpaper. Rich in visual effects, it brings an incomparable elegance and purity of style. The tradition of wallpaper decorated with geometric shapes is actually ancient. In fact, the dominoes used to design patterns of this type, which they repeated continuously on their paper. However, this is a real revival in the current trend. Long graphic lines, perfect circles, cubes, diamonds, hexagons compete with each other to give chic and character to your room. Geometrically patterned panoramic wallpaper takes over a wall or recess and establishes new, unique spaces. An example is our Parlor Grotesque panoramic décor created by Emmanuel Bossuet: three elements to join the illusionist architecture and play with the notion of inside-outside in a striking way. A geometric wallpaper with a strong feeling, which alone transforms your daily environment. This apparent graphic simplicity has in reality a great power of sophistication. It manages to compose an atmosphere that is both sleek and very dressy, quite distinctive.

A culture of stylized lines that adds character

The 20th century produced pictorial works rich in innovation and aesthetic magic. Our collection pulls out the best. In particular, discover our wallpapers covered in abstract geometric shapes, subtle and understated, ideal for softening and adding elegance to a room. Mid-century post-war designs offer a remarkable source of inspiration, which is present in our collection. After the years of deprivation, the mood is for minimalist and efficient lines, chic and clean style, textural effects, and singular creations that add comfort to life and beauty. For lovers of blue geometric wallpaper, Matisse and his works are displayed in a panoramic decor of great value. The geometric panoramic wallpaper is no longer a simple covering intended to cover a wall, but rather creates your universe. It presents itself as a modern, sometimes futuristic, invariably aesthetic fresco that creates a very special atmosphere in your home. Your interior decoration will be unlike any other. Patterns that repeat or respond to each other, visual games that hold the attention and make you dive into their mystery, geometric wallpaper is definitely the opposite of routine. Fascinating, it integrates with ease into today's interiors. At a time when hectic days can make you want to find sobriety and peace in your home, there is something hypnotic about geometric wallpaper that invites you to settle down and dream. It can take on many different appearances. Our selection offers you a panel imagined to best suit your style, with non-woven papers in soft, melting colors, or contemporary decors that contrast black and white, or even reproductions of famous works, for example by Paul Klee, by Vassily Kandinsky, by Robert Delaunay.

Geometric wallpaper, the fascinating modern wall decoration

Geometric wallpaper is characterized by its strong impact on the inhabitants of the house. In addition to its graphic effects, there are cascading sensations: the play of lines sometimes imitates folding, cutting, deformation. They give rhythm to the space in a remarkable way, in new volumes. We come close to 3D, with Op-Art inspirations that play with optical illusions. They are just as suitable for your living room, your dining room as for the imagination of children, who love to dream in their rooms in front of these geometric panoramic wallpapers. Timeless and universal, everyone loves them! Very structuring, elegant, graphic designs allow you to tastefully enhance an office or formalize a differentiated, sober and reassuring space, simply by dressing a corner of your living room. Some of our models, for example Designlux #5, will help you provoke interesting lighting effects, as well as textural plays that enrich your universe. Others take antique tiles and turn them into moving cubes, delightful in a loft setting.

Reinvent your decor with easy-to-integrate geometric wallpaper

Appreciated by all, geometric lines have always been a part of prized decor, with radically different looks from one art movement to another. That's why geometric wallpapers are so easy to match with your interior aesthetic, whether they are decorated with prisms, perspective diamonds, cubist silhouettes or colorful mosaics. We have the pleasure of drawing from all the geometric wallpaper inspirations. Some of our models play on powerful contrasts, between white and black, straight and curved, symmetry and asymmetry. They can be used as a single strip or as a complete geometric panoramic wallpaper, laid on the entire wall. This allows you to create points of interest in the room, a headboard or to guide the volumes in a corridor, according to your desire. You will express the Art Deco style wonderfully with a dark blue geometric wallpaper embellished with golden decorative objects. Our collection features renowned painters, for example with "In the Way of Plants," by Paul Klee. The plant depicted in an abstract way is perfect for displaying on an accent wall and catching the eye on a design note. If it's color you want to play with, then you'll be charmed by the biomorphic forms painted by Vassily Kandinsky. Matisse, Picasso, Cocteau, the most beautiful works are in our catalog, and if it is not yet the case, we give you the opportunity to choose the one that makes you vibrate in the collections of the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux). We design it for you.

Abstract - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Abstract - Paul Klee - Wallpaper mural
Sicily - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Sicily - Paul Klee - Wallpaper mural
Kandinsky - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Kandinsky - Wallpaper mural
Concorde Hall - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Concorde Hall - Wallpaper mural
Opera Hall - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Opera Hall - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux#1 - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc DesignLux#1 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #2 - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc DesignLux #2 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #3 - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc DesignLux #3 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #5 - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc DesignLux #5 - Wallpaper mural
Parlor Grotesque  - wallpaper mural geometric fond blanc Parlor Grotesque - Wallpaper mural