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Antic&Neoclassic Wallpaper

A selection of wall decors, mainly from the 19th century, but also from earlier periods, as antique and neoclassical decors are often graphically very similar. Highlights include arabesques and grotesques, Pompeian panels, frescoes and panoramic landscapes. See also XVIIIth century wallpaper.
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What are the motifs of 19th-century wallpaper?

The XIXth century period saw a wealth of diverse and varied patterns for painted paper. This one was particularly influenced by artistic trends and technological advances in the paper painted industry. Extremely popular throughout this century, floral motifs were often represented by flowers, vine leaves, and occasionally inspired by the neoclassical style (see floral wallpaper). This period also saw the emergence, at dufour, désfossé or rixheim, of geometric motifs revisiting decorative styles of the past such as arabesques, abstract forms or even repetitive motifs. These antique wallpaper also included idyllic landscape scenes and panoramic views. In the 19th century, in France and later in Europe, you couldn't find anything more elegant and sophisticated than motifs toile de Jouy with their repetitive motifs and narrative scenes, usually in two colors.

Some painted papers featured architectural elements such as neoclassical columns, arches and pediments. one of the greatest influences this century saw was that of the Chinoiserieswith its its Chinese motifs, which can be recognized through floral motifs, pagodas, dragons as well as geometric oriental oriental motifs. During the late 19th century, retro and nostalgic motifs, as well as whimsical as well as whimsical ones saw the light of day. With elements inspired by earlier historical periods, or through fantastic motifs, such as mythological creatures, or even psychedelic motifs were able to mark this century. Wallpaper patterns from the nineteenth century reflected the variation of artistic styles that followed one another throughout it. Still not sure which wallpaper from our collection to start with? Don't hesitate to order a sample!

Where to put 19th century motif wallpaper?

Are you looking for a French interior style inspired by the decorative history of the 19th century? Here are a few places to consider featuring wallpaper decorations from the 19th century to create a classic French ambiance.

The living/dining room

Using it on a living room wall to create an elegant focal point, the use of a panoramic wallpaper from this period adds a touch of sophistication to your interior. A scene with neoclassical figures, a décor by Manufacture Dufour for example. In a dining room, the use of panels in arabesque, or a wall decoration with toile de Jouy or a repetitive Directoire or Empire period motif will add a formal ambiance to your room.

The bedroom

The Romantic decorating trend could be an inspiration with the use of soft, soothing patterns to encourage relaxation. Use a panoramic wallpaper of a typical landscape from the 19th century in your bedroom, such as Swan Lake, a wallpaper created from Garneray's watercolors created at Malmaison.

The entrance / corridor / staircase

Welcome your guests by combining wallpaper 19th century style and elegance as soon as they arrive in your entrance. We can use a large period decor, from our Dufour panoramic collection for example. This type of wallpaper décor would also work well in a hallway or on your staircase to add visual interest and create a welcoming space. It's possible often recommended for staircases and corridors, It can also be combined with one of our Ornaments.

Library and Office

In these two rooms, to which we often wish to bring a particularly meticulous to give them a studious yet classic ambience, you can use one of our of our Dufour décor prints, or a hunting scene from the XIXeme. We can also use a pair of decorative panels. Often combined with a background like green paint and wood panelling, this will bring a decor loaded with history!

Retro-style hotel / restaurant / retail space

If you want to give your structure a period theme like Empire , Directoire, or Romantique theme and reinforce the French character of your establishment, let yourself be conquered by printing a grisaille from the XIXth century. Our catalog includes several themes from Manufactures dufour or Désfossé. For smaller spaces, consider using a decorative panel decorative panel

What are antique and neoclassical decors in wallpaper?

Drawing their inspiration from the art and architecture of antiquity and the neoclassical period, these French wallpapersare appreciated for their timeless elegance and ability to create a refined ambience within a room. They can be found particularly in interiors with a classical, traditional but also historical style, with a view to evoking the grandeur of antiquity and the neoclassical period with its various motifs inspired by Greece and Rome. Panoramas evoking distant travel such as The voyages of Captain Cook are or The Great Tiger Hunt in India, or even The Chinese Procession are in vogue in the early 19th, 1820s. We also found at this time Empire and Directoire decors such as the Calypso decor, Roman landscapes. And many floral and animal themes, such as Eden and Le Brazil around 1860.

Greek and Roman motifs

Ionic columns, laurel garlands, urns, Greek mythological figures Greek mythological figures such as gods and goddesses. There are also Roman elements Roman elements such as triumphal arches or Pompeian frescoes.

Classical colors and symmetry and proportions and a repetition of motifs

Reminiscent of stone and antique sculptures, white, beige, sky blue and gray are traditional soothing colors. Added to this is a strong emphasis on symmetry and balanced proportions, which characterize the classical architecture of this century. As with symmetry, the motifs repetition such as geometrics or florals are frequent in this style.

Architectural motifs and mythological figures

Succeeding the XVIIIth style, the neoclassical French style in the 1800s consists mainly of columns, Doric or Ionic friezes as well as pediments and arches. Just as Greek and Roman mythological figures and scenes drawn from mythology are common in neoclassical painted paper.

Balanced colors symmetry and harmony

In this style, the color palette is generally quite vivid, often seeking opulence and decorative display. Background colors such as green, blue and red are frequent. common. Materials such as stone are often more present than wood.

How to order 19th century wallpaper

Papiers de Paris specializes in the printing of antique panoramic decors, with the guarantee of unique manufacturing quality, printed in France. We offer a unique collection unique collection of 19th-century wallpapers, sold in numbered rolls with instructions and instructions. Whether it's a grisaille or a full-color wall decoration, we print in our we print in our workshop, using digital printing techniques and a know-how quality of detail and brilliance that are unique on the market. Don't hesitate to order a sample to compare!