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Wallpaper murals & Decorative panels
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5 French style wallpapers

2018-06-07 | GUIDE

Put the French touch in your interior decoration with our selection of 5 French style murals.


From green countryside to tranquil ports and snowy mountains, the landscapes of France are sources of decorative inspiration! It was important for us to propose these possibilities and we made you a selection of 5 French decorations to make you discover this country through artworks at different times. To find on our website in different colors and tailor-made.

Our selection

Papier peint paysage francais  

Green and peaceful decor in the image of our French countryside of the 18th century.
Paysage Français - Papiers de Paris - Collection particulière


Papier peint boudoir de la reine  

Decorative panel inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette, icon of French history. Painted by Michel-Hubert Bourgeois and Jacques-Louis-François Touzé.
Boudoir de la Reine - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (château de Fontainebleau) / Gérard Blot


Papier peint ciel et angelot  

In association with the decor of the Boudoir de la Reine, this ceiling in a very French style was made by Jean-Simon Barthélémy.
Ciel et Angelot - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (château de Fontainebleau) / Gérard Blot


Papier peint le port de marseille  

Wallpaper representing the port of Marseille in the 18th century under the brush of Joseph Vernet.
Le port de Marseille - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Michel Urtado


Papier peint promenade dans un parc  

Antique scenic mural depicting a typical 18th century French scene inspired by a work by Carmontelle.
Promenade dans un parc - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN


  french garden large scenic wallpaper

Mural wallpaper of french garden. 
Panoramic Landscape - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN

french petit trianon decorativ mural wallpaper  

Mural wallpaper view of Petit Trianon's gaden in Versailles.
Petit Trianon - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN