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5 French style wallpapers

2018-06-07 | GUIDE

Put the French touch in your interior decoration with our selection of French style murals.


The panoramic wallpapers in our collection evoke the great era of French wallpaper. They are presented as masterpieces, with their green countryside or quiet ports.

You will find landscapes of France or geometric and stylized patterns, reminiscent of the ornamentation of palaces, castles and mansions of the eighteenth century, but also nineteenth-century motifs or contemporary creations.
Let yourself be inspired by the French decorations that we present below and that will immerse you in the painted works of the masters of different eras

French wallpaper and the 18th century style

It is at the end of the eighteenth century that the wallpaper knows a boom without precedent. The trend was born in England, where designers imagined wallpapers inspired by the colors and themes of paintings of the time. The wallpapers of the Georgian period are rightly famous.
But the French wallpapers, inspired by the works of artists such as Chardin, Vernet or Carmontelle, have nothing to envy them. Our panoramic French wallpapers allow you to recreate at home, in large format, master paintings and an atmosphere inspired by the Regency and Rococo periods, but also by the neoclassical trends of the Empire period. This period is marked by a wind of freedom which is expressed in particular in painting. The style is lighter, more playful than in the previous century. The motifs are more natural and simple, but no less charming.
The artists opt for pastel colors, forget the excess of gilding and brocades. The landscape holds a major place in their works and this is what makes it an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creation of French wallpaper patterns. But there are also other themes, such as the fêtes galantes, typical of the time. This theme refers to a society in love with the pleasures and joys of life, often in contact with nature.
Whether the themes represented or the choice of colors, the artistic tradition of the eighteenth century is a breeding ground for images that are still used today to create beautiful French wallpapers, in panoramic format. You can find them on our website, in different colors and made to measure.
Papier peint paysage francais  

Green and peaceful decor in the image of our French countryside of the 18th century.
Paysage Français - Papiers de Paris - Collection particulière


Papier peint boudoir de la reine  

Decorative panel inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette, icon of French history. Painted by Michel-Hubert Bourgeois and Jacques-Louis-François Touzé.
Boudoir de la Reine - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (château de Fontainebleau) / Gérard Blot


Papier peint ciel et angelot  

In association with the decor of the Boudoir de la Reine, this ceiling in a very French style was made by Jean-Simon Barthélémy.
Ciel et Angelot - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (château de Fontainebleau) / Gérard Blot


Papier peint le port de marseille  

Wallpaper representing the port of Marseille in the 18th century under the brush of Joseph Vernet.
Le port de Marseille - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN - Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Michel Urtado



The main themes of French decoration

French artists like to paint nature, with landscapes that look great on your living room wall, if you choose a large format French panoramic wallpaper. You may prefer a reproduction of a canvas that depicts only nature, or a French wallpaper with a country scene. Landscapes are often urban or choose to emphasize an architectural element, sometimes antique, in a natural setting. Court figures are depicted participating in country lunches or country and gallant parties.
In the panoramic wallpapers inspired by museum works, the contrast is striking between the flamboyant clothing and the peaceful decor in which the joy of living of the participants in the festival is expressed. Blue skies dotted with clouds, trees with exuberant foliage, shepherds and pastures are among the favorite themes of the 18th century. Artists also liked to depict the sumptuous dresses of noblewomen, accompanied in their gallant parties or their country escapades by charming marquises.
Papier peint promenade dans un parc  

Antique scenic mural depicting a typical 18th century French scene inspired by a work by Carmontelle.
Promenade dans un parc - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN

  french garden large scenic wallpaper

Mural wallpaper of french garden. 
Panoramic Landscape - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN

french petit trianon decorativ mural wallpaper

Mural wallpaper view of Petit Trianon's gaden in Versailles.
Petit Trianon - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN

Grisailles wallpapers

The French panoramic wallpapers we offer allow you to adorn your walls with the most beautiful scenes born from the imagination of 18th century painters. If you are looking for a more sober but equally stylish interior decoration, you might be tempted by the grisaille. Our French wallpapers take on the charm of grisailles, these monochrome cameo scenes, sometimes easier to match to your interior design.
Grisailles were revived during the neoclassical period but were already all the rage during the Renaissance and are therefore part of the great tradition of French decorations. They are also found in some 20th century cubists.

Create a unique wall decor with our French wallpapers

Immerse yourself in the splendors of past centuries and the flamboyant charm of country scenes or gallant festivities with the custom French panoramic wallpapers we offer. Port of Marseille, scène of a walk in a park, small Trianon of Versailles, boudoir of queen Marie-Antoinette, at the château of Fontainebleau, and many other landscapes still await you on our website.


You can also choose a beautiful French wallpaper depicting the sky with cherubs, the fashion of the Baroque painters. Decorative French wallpaper panels allow you to create sophisticated atmospheres reminiscent of the historic woodwork of the chateau or the frescoes that adorned the walls of these noble homes. Some are inspired by the decoration of nineteenth-century bourgeois houses, or even chinoiseries, whose sophisticated arabesques have come, over the centuries, to enrich the tradition of wall decoration in France.


Perhaps you will be tempted by the cycle of the four seasons? These allusions are perfect for adorning a stylish living room. As with all of our French wallpapers, you can order panels in the right size, so all that's left to do is to put up the decor. Peaceful or tormented landscapes, geacute figures, arabesques, mythological creations mingle to compose a decoration of refined charm.


Our chinoiseries, grisailles, and alligator panels can be combined to create a unique interior. Thanks to the French wallpapers of ancient or contemporary inspiration, you can give back all their beauty to your rooms during a large-scale renovation. The panoramic format allows you to choose both antique-inspired designs and contemporary creations, depending on the style you want to give your pieces.