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Floral Wallpaper

A key decorating theme and one that is well represented in the patterned wallpaper industry, flowers are also a beautiful panoramic theme. Our floral panoramic wallpapers allow the creation of real garden settings in an interior. Discover now our selection of panoramic wallpapers and floral decorations. See also: exotic wallpaper.


The history of floral panoramic wallpaper

The floral panoramic wallpaper already has several centuries of existence behind it. It is even true that it is synonymous with a whole century: when we think of the nineteenth century, we immediately have in mind this characteristic floral blooming that spreads on trinkets, furniture and of course the walls. This vogue originated a century earlier with the rise of the naturalist movement. This movement is also characterized by a certain taste for realism and scientific accuracy. This type of floral decoration comes in all sorts of ways: frames, vases and baskets, floral decorations repeated throughout the pattern or vast panoramic compositions... In addition to its wealth of motifs, floral wallpaper is very popular for all the decorative fantasies it allows. Indeed, each flower is unique with a shape, a texture and a color of its own: peonies, roses, lilies, lilacs, daffodils, rosehips ... There are many varieties! To this can be added other sources of inspiration: Japanese, Indian and Oriental among others... In short, we do not know where to give the head so much everything seems authorized and it is so much better!

The vintage floral wallpaper for a resolutely modern decor

Making the choice of a vintage-inspired floral wallpaper is to opt for a trenchant atmosphere that will look like no other. The wallpapers are adorned with their most beautiful finery to create a warm, cozy and a bit shabby chic atmosphere. Usually, this type of floral wallpaper adorns one wall of the room but nothing prevents you from daring with the total look. Our Art & Craft inspired pattern, created from a William Morris work, with its golden colors will undoubtedly be the most beautiful effect. There are also very pretty floral wallpapers drawing their inspiration from exotic themes and styles. These vintage floral wallpapers will not leave anyone indifferent and will become the centerpiece of your decoration. If you want to opt for a sober but still very decorative floral theme, at Papiers de Paris, we recommend you to turn to our Japanese Cherry Tree pattern. This ornament, designed from an Edo Period screen, features a Japanese cherry tree in bloom on a plain gold or silver background. Finally, floral wallpaper can also be discreet thanks to the cameo technique, as with our panoramic inspired by a Korean screen Flowers and Birds.

Add a touch of romance to your home

Flowers are also ideal for adding a romantic, soft and feminine touch to your decor. These wallpapers combine delicacy and refinement like no other. Moreover, flowers are deeply associated with a language and symbolism of their own. Choosing a panoramic flower wallpaper is to appropriate this vegetal universe to make it your own. Discover this rich and inexhaustible theme because the number of flower species is simply enormous! From their shapes, sizes, colors or textures, they offer an infinite number of possibilities.

Discover also our historicized floral wallpapers

There are also panoramic floral historiated wallpapers; these are actually historical or mythological scenes leaving a lot of room for floral profusion. These trompe l'oeil are not just for decorative purposes as they offer additional depth to your interior. They visually enlarge the room and allow the eyes to escape to a distant and imaginary elsewhere. This is the case with the Garden of Armide. This decorative wallpaper was created from the eponymous work by Edouard Muller. This design features Pandora holding a jar, a statue credited to James Pradier, surrounded by ancient ruins covered with vegetation and flowers. This wallpaper was first printed in 1854 by the Manufacture Desfossé and presented at the 1855 World's Fair.

Our floral wallpapers inspired by the paintings of the great masters

The great painters have quite naturally found in gardens and their flowers an inexhaustible source of inspiration. How to evoke this type of wallpaper without talking about Claude Monet and his famous Water Lilies series? Monet is certainly the most famous impressionist painter. He knew how to sublimate the colors and the light of his garden of flowers of Giverny, and more particularly of his pond of water lilies. The Water Lilies series consists of nearly 250 paintings, some of which border on abstraction due to the artist's cataracts. These unusual and very large format oil paintings on canvas lent themselves perfectly to the creation of panoramic floral wallpapers, which is why we came up with our own Water Lilies wallpaper design. Thanks to its generous dimensions, it invites you to dive into this pond with deep indigo blue water. And as always, we can modify the color and size of this wallpaper by making elevations to create a personalized decor that will perfectly fit your room. Just ask us for advice!

Create your own panoramic floral wallpaper with Papiers de Paris!

Would you too like to adorn your walls with a beautiful floral panoramic wallpaper but you haven't found your happiness on our online store or do you already have a specific model in mind? Papier de Paris allows you to give life to all your creative and decorative desires! Thanks to our partnership with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux and our high-end printing techniques in our French workshops, we can design your own wallpaper. Completely adapted to your needs and unlike any other, this custom-made decoration will create a unique atmosphere in your home. Anyway, take the time to browse our site to discover our floral wallpaper models and our know-how. Would you like to know more? Don't wait to contact us and tell us about your project, we'll be happy to bring it to life.


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