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Located at the foot of the Loire River in Center of France, our production site is in the tradition of a fine art workshop, with rigorous attention to design and color. Our wallpaper rolls are produced entirely in France. From design to printing, everything is carried out in our French workshop.
We guarantee the highest quality in terms of the papers and materials used, the colors and the finish.
Our team, some of whose members are graduates of the French Ecole Boulle, works to create a unique decor for each our toile mural for our customers.
Our knowledge of haute décor, our culture of French decor and our know-how as a manufacturer are our assets for the success of your decorative project and the embellishment of your rooms, living rooms, dining rooms...


For the most demanding projects, we offer a made-to-measure service, to adapt decors or propose a unique décor to our customers who are looking for a top-of-the-range service. Prices are per m2 and depend on the room's layout
A bedroom, living room or any room you want to make unique. Designs and patterns are created according to your requirements and dimensions. We also produce the samples you need for a high-quality finish.
In order to adapt the wallpapers to your measurements and desired colors, we also draw up a simulation plan, so that you can visualize how they will look once the rolls have been laid on the walls of your home.



In the heart of the Saint Germain des Prés district, in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, our showroom is a showcase for our rolls of non-woven wallpapers. Here you can see our paper ranges and colors, camaieux, Grisailles shades of gray...and make your choice for your walls. The showroom is open on Saturdays and by appointment during the week.
Here's the page for booking appointments.
And don't hesitate to contact us for a project or information!

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How are your high-end wallpapers typically French?

French decorative arts tradition

Founded in 2011 by Jean-Baptiste Denis, Papiers de Paris aims to revive the extremely rich heritage of French decorative arts by offering a collection of original creations and re-editions of French wallpapers. All the wall decors offered are typically French in origin or use.

Made by us in France

We manufacture the wallpaper rolls in our workshop in Center country of France.

Re-edition of panoramic wallpapers

An important part of our work consists of cataloguing and re-editing wallpapers installed in French homes, sometimes as far back as the 18th century! These are priceless treasures, sometimes doomed to destruction due to changes in ownership! Our photographic work enables us to safeguard this French heritage and bring it back to life and make it available for new editions and for decorative projects all over the world.

DTP retouching and color work

An important part of our process is preparing files for wallpaper printing. This type of intervention on plates that are initially intended for smaller prints is fundamental to achieving a magnificent rendering, worthy of luxury wallpaper, as it is very close to an original paper or decorative painting.

Links with French museums

Our commercial agreements with French museums are the source of a significant part of our offer. As a result of these agreements, we pay royalties based on sales, thus contributing to the preservation and conservation of these works of art.

Why choose French style wallpaper?


Buying and installing French panoramic wallpaper for the walls of your home is a big decision. And it's important to consider the choice of high-quality wallpaper, because it's destined to adorn walls for decades to come. Our approach is to treat each wallpaper as a work of art in its own right, which will form part of an exceptional decor.

The colors

Over the years, French-style decoration has given rise to a typically French palette of colors, particularly in the 18th century. These colors can be found in our blue wallpapers, for example, with their antique tones. The color ranges of our prints are the richest on the market, thanks to our art reproduction techniques for printing wallpaper rolls. In addition to the quality of the color shades, we ensure that they are lightfast and therefore long-lasting. See our yellow wallpapersb>, pink wallpaper, and now even gold wallpapers.

The details

As you'll see when you order a sample or if you choose to visit our Paris showroom, we go to great lengths to ensure unrivalled quality of detail. That's why many visitors think it's a painting on the wall and not a panoramic wallpaper. These top-of-the-range finishes, as close as possible to French decorative painting, will make your project an exceptional one. Do not hesitate to book appointment, this will allow you to see the wallpapers in reeal, which is sometimes important before to place an order. Customers are very rarely disapointed!

Our workshop in France

We make our own wallpaper in our workshop which is base in the Loire Valley, in the Center of France. Our large range of skills and our special care of the quality enables us to guarantee this quality from the beginning to the end of the wallpaper production process. Whenever possible, we can also make new prints for customers who have experienced problems such as water damage. Some customer have been very satisfied to be able to re-print their order many years after the first one!

In which rooms should I use luxury panoramic wallpaper?

Panoramic wallpaper for the living room

The living room is the perfect place for high-end french panoramic wallpaper. With its high decorative quality, it can set the tone for a luxurious decor for your room. The themes can be those that recall the history of the house or the family. Wall décor can also be chosen for its graphic qualities. It can be used all over the room, or as a subtle touch on a single wall.

For a bedroom

Bedroom themes are often conducive to calm and escape. While some opt for floral, bird, nightingaleb> or Chinoiserie wallpapers with their lush details, others prefer a verdant or tree-lined landscape, in a French or exotic style.

For a dining room

Historically, in luxurious French homes, dining rooms could be adorned with panoramic wallpaper that invites travel. Colorful themes evoking the discovery of a distant world were very popular.

for a hallway

In a space such as a corridor, where there isn't much space to step back, you'll want to go for a rendering that's rich in detail. A panorama with figures, placed above a base, is sometimes the solution for offering a variety of scenes to liven up a narrow space.

for a staircase

Panoramic wallpaper on a staircase gives an undeniable feeling of luxury. Quite complicated to create because of the angle of the staircase, you'll need to select suitable decors, as the layout of the motifs must not be interrupted by the ascent of the stairs!

How is our French wallpaper made?

Paper made in France

We manufacture our wallpapers in our workshop in the Loir et Cher region of France, using a digital printing process on top-of-the-range non-woven paper.

Historic photographs and wallpapers

The technology we use is that of art reproduction of very high-resolution photographs of the original works. These exceptional shots can come from our partner museums, such as MAD Paris, or from our own photography campaigns of installed antique wallpapers.

Creation and decorative painting

In addition to old works of French heritage, our studio produces its own creations, in the tradition of French decorative painting. From the initial sketch to the final painting, which is then photographed, our studio creates truly original works, often inspired by the incomparable graphic heritage of French decorative arts.

DTP retouching and color work

An important part of our process involves preparing files for wallpaper printing. This type of intervention on plates that are initially intended for smaller prints is fundamental to achieving a magnificent rendering, worthy of luxury wallpaper, as it is very close to an original paper or decorative painting.

An art studio with digital printing

Digital printing may seem like an easy thing to do, but it's extremely demanding if you want to work in the same way as decorative painting, with very precise color ranges and a top-of-the-range finish.



New editions of the Air France Museum fond blanc New editions of the Air France Museum

Papiers de Paris and the Air France Museum sign a commercial agreement allowing us to publish the treasures of their collections in large format and to distribute them throughout the world.


Custom Turgot map for Alexandre Reza fond blanc Custom Turgot map for Alexandre Reza

René Bouchara chooses Papiers de Paris and makes a bespoke wallpaper for Alexandre Reza


Our wallpapers as wall decorations fond blanc Our wallpapers as wall decorations

Papiers de Paris is at your disposal to embellish your interiors and create a unique decorative atmosphere.


Antique wallpapers of French Museum of Decorative Arts fond blanc Antique wallpapers of French Museum of Decorative Arts

Papiers de Paris announces a commercial agreement with French "Musée des Arts Décoratifs", making possible to use dans le cadre de projets décoratifs in today's decorative projects