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Animals Wallpaper

Some animal and forest themed wallpapers and panels. Decorations created from museum works, which will be able to combine with an exotic or more classic decoration. We find in particular the theme of birds. Wallpapers to use judiciously placed for a very decorative effect on a wall. This decor will perfectly find its place in all rooms (bedroom, nursery, living room, hotel room, reception room ...)


Bring nature into your home with our forest and animal wallpapers!

Feel like your walls are lacking in character? Trust us to give them some cachet and charisma! By touches or in total look, our forest and animal wallpapers will not leave anyone indifferent and will give a unique look to the room in which they will be placed! The advantage of this theme in connection with nature is that it offers a wide range of styles and inspirations: at Papiers de Paris we offer for example animal decorations of Asian style (taken from Chinese, Japanese or Korean works), antique inspiration, classical (with motifs taken from European paintings and tapestries produced from the 17th to the 19th century) or resolutely contemporary. In the same way, for your panoramic wallpaper animals and forest, you can choose between animals taking place in a large vegetal decor or becoming the main motif. It's quite simple, all the eccentricities are allowed! On the other hand, if you prefer a unique but more discreet ornament, that is also possible with this theme. In this case, as a specialist in wallpaper with animal motif forest, we particularly recommend our cameo or grisaille decors which have the advantage of creating a unique atmosphere to your interior while being more discreet thanks to their more sober colors.

Why choose a panoramic wallpaper with animals in the forest?

It will certainly not have escaped you, but for several years the trend is to a return of natural and raw materials in our interiors. This fashion finds its corollary with the jungle and exotic decoration. This tropical decoration invades our walls for our greatest pleasure by offering us a whole bestiary rich in forms as well as in colors and patterns. Bring in palm trees, ferns with their tigers, lions, peacocks, leopards, elephants, monkeys, parrots and other animal species to give your family members or guests a taste for escape! Prefer a more familiar setting? With Papiers de Paris, it's also possible! In this case, we invite you to discover our different references of panoramic wallpapers animals and forests inspired by classic decorations. For example, Chasse à Courre is a wallpaper that could totally meet this taste; this wallpaper with a forest and animals was made after the oil on canvas Chasse au daim pour la Saint-Hubert in 1818 in the Bois de Meudon by painter Carle Vernet. It shows a hunting scene in the foreground with riders and dogs at the edge of a pond and in the background a picturesque village with a hilly and green forest. The background, which makes up almost half of the work, is a gray blue sky. You might also prefer Hunting Scene by Ange-Louis Janet-Lange, which depicts a similar scene but in a closer focus.

Design your forest and animal motif wallpaper

Take the time to browse our site, to unearth the gem! As you can see, we offer a wide selection of wallpapers with animals and forests. But if you don't find what you're looking for, we can design custom-made and personalized wallpapers on demand: We can, if possible, change the color of one of our references so that it integrates most precisely in your interior. We can also change the size of the product to fit your room more easily. In this regard, you should know that we carry out adaptations of our panoramic animal and forest wallpapers on elevations in order to create a unique interior decoration for our customers. You can also contact us to ask us to design a wallpaper that we do not offer for sale in our catalog. To do so, you just have to browse the RMN's works database which references the works kept in the national museums. You have found a work that you like and that you would like to see on your wall? Send us the reference, if it is of good enough quality, we will provide you with a quote for the realization of your custom wall decoration.

Our other collections of nature-themed tapestries

In order to give life to all your decorative desires, Papiers de Paris offers several collections related to nature. Thus, we invite you to discover, in addition to our panoramic animal and forest wallpaper designs, other similar themes: Eighteenth Century Wallpaper: created from paintings, frescoes or antique wall decorations, most of these classic works open the eye to a vast horizon made of landscapes, oceans, mountains, trees, flowers and animals. Exotic wallpaper: how to talk about wallpapers populated with animals in a forest without evoking the tropical theme? So we came up with a specific category including all our exotic and Asian references. Floral wallpaper: with flower patterned wallpaper, let nature invade your home! Vast decorations or purely organic decorative patterns, floral wallpaper never ceases to seduce us. landscape wallpaper: as its name suggests, this category contains more broadly our landscape wallpapers.

Focus on the quality of our made in France wallpapers

Les Papiers de Paris offers you high-end panoramic animal and forest wallpapers. All our designs are imagined, printed and checked in our workshops located in the Center of France. We only work with noble materials and highly qualified printers in order to provide you with decorations worthy of a true work of art. In addition to this know-how in terms of execution, our products are appreciated by professionals and individuals alike because they are pleasant to install: they do not warp or shrink. They hide the small imperfections of the walls and will allow you to obtain a result without equivalent! Finally, we ensure a fast and careful delivery.

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