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Landscapes Wallpaper

Here is an anthology of our landscapes on scenic wallpapers and decorative landscape panels. They are to be used as frescoes or trompe l'oeil able to give an effect of depth or simply to bring nature into your interior. Some of the decors are very "present" while others are softer or in gray. Feel free to select the color options to see the possibilities that are offered from the same panoramic decor. See also: panoramic wallpaper


Landscape wallpapers and dominated papers, a rich artistic heritage

Landscape-themed wallpaper, like exotic wallpapers as we know it today is the heir to a unique traditional skill, that of the domino makers. In the Middle Ages, these craftsmen made decorations to dress trunks, boxes, books or even playing cards. To do this, they engrave a motif, which they then print on a sheet of paper. The wealthy houses of the time loved the decorative or symbolic power of these prints! In the 18th century, a new way of looking at these decorations emerged. The dominoes were transformed into long scrolls that occupied the entire height of the walls. From then on, landscapes on panoramic wallpaper made their appearance, illustrating in detail entire scenes. The panoramic landscape wallpaper is a great success that is found in its pure state in the current trend. Able to match contemporary interiors, it is rich with endearing evocations as you can see for example in our antique wallpaper collection. Our landscape wallpapers contribute fully to the elegant design of a living room, dining room, bedroom or even an entrance.

The history of landscape on scenic wallpaper

From the second part of the 18th century and until the 19th century, the landscape wallpaper, highly prized, is an integral part of the decorative arts. The wall, until then perceived as a way to organize and limit space, becomes a field of expression. The creative upholsterers assert themselves as artists, painters and architect-decorators at the same time. They put in scene a great variety of motives, theaters or court parties seen as a whole, "Monuments of Paris" or "Siege of Toulon". The interior volumes were redesigned, the walls told a story in the heart of the salons. The landscape, for a long time confined to a simple anecdotal background, became a subject in its own right, and a favorite. It is with this exceptional tradition that contemporary interiors are now reviving, happy to take advantage of all the visual power of landscape wallpaper.

The great potential of Scenic landscapes in your interior design

Landscapes on panoramic wallpaper in our collection draw on different artistic influences: those of the romantic current, where the time is for desires of escape and dream, with wallpapers showing ancient scenes, soft and dreamlike landscapes, lost paradise, embellished gardens, oriental images, the forest of Brazil. Those, also, of the naturalist current, with for example a very particular view of the Mont-Saint-Michel which expresses marvelously the return to nature and the link which the man maintains with it. Our panoramic wallpapers on the theme of landscapes have a strong decorative potential. They distill an inimitable identity, which resembles you. Trompe-l'oeil designs invite themselves in and play with perspectives, creating a "Winter Garden" in your home, or giving the illusion of a balcony opening onto a "French Garden". Landscaped parks, ocean, undergrowth, hills, antique gardens diffuse an elegant atmosphere, sometimes energizing, sometimes soothing, always inspiring.

Let nature into your home with landscape-themed wallpaper

Panoramic wallpaper depicting a landscape is at the heart of current trends. Nature, unrivaled in enhancing a setting or giving it life, seals the return to the basics. Displayed on your walls, you borrow its strength and serenity. Reassuring, enveloping, sometimes soft and declined in pastel colors, sometimes lush with an abundance of fauna and flora, it opens all its palettes. The greatest painters sign your walls, like Nicolas Poussin and his ancient landscape verdant. This illustrious artist is known for composing imaginary landscapes where history, nature and human beings mingle, a perfect invitation to relax and dream. Representations of seascapes, countryside, undergrowth, lakes, ancient cities, Japanese nature, fauna and flora intimately intertwined, our landscapes on panoramic wallpaper are true sources of inspiration to create a unique decor in your home. Our selection of landscape wallpapers brings together classic or modern works, in the Art Deco style. It remains faithful to the high quality productions that make the brilliance of French arts.

Scenic and artists' landscape wallpaper, invite the great painters into your home

The works offered here, of great artistic value, are from private collections or French museums. Inviting these panoramic landscape wallpapers into your living room, boudoir, or hallway is to summon the company of great painters to your home. This is the case with the tapestries of Jean-Baptiste Oudry, one of the most accomplished artists under the reign of Louis XV. We dedicate to him a suite of decorative panels perfect to punctuate your room with picturesque landscapes. In the same spirit, the series of landscapes on panoramic wallpaper by Auguste Garneray is to be discovered if you want to offer your home the beauty of his watercolors. They represent the gardens of Empress Josephine, using soft and soothing colors, with a fascinating precision of plants and lights.

Play with the visual power of panoramic scenery

Our historicized landscape wallpapers give a singular identity to your home, with a pronounced aesthetic that doesn't escape the eye. Don't hesitate to play with this nature in motion. Use alternating patterns and plain walls, decorate a recess, create a play of reflections through a mirror. Offer your loved ones charming daily walks and enlarged perspectives. We adapt the dimensions to the request, so that doors and windows, furniture, put in scene an absolutely perfect decoration. You haven't identified your ideal work in our catalog? Just choose your painting online from the collection of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux and we design your landscape wallpaper!