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Nature wall murals

2021-11-22 | BUYING GUIDE
Nature wall murals

As a specialist in panoramic wallpaper, Les Papiers de Paris offers you a wide choice of creations highlighting nature. These wallpapers can be of various kinds: historiated wallpapers, landscapes, hunting scenes in the woods, seascapes, etc... Discover now our selection.

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The History of nature panoramic wallpaper

The history of nature panoramic wallpaper is closely linked to that of landscape wallpaper. You can, at your choice, opt for creations whose colors and patterns are very present or, on the contrary, others for which they are more discreet thanks to the technique of grisaille. In recent years, this will probably not have escaped you, the themes have largely developed. So you will find a wide range of landscapes with for each of them specific dominant colors: trees, mountains, lacs, oceans, rivers, dunes, skies, waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets, etc.; You will have understood that when it comes to panoramic wallpapers related to nature, everything is allowed! It will therefore be possible to decorate as you wish all the rooms in your home: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, office or bathroom.

The wallpaper is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Grisaille wallpaper

Cover our panoramic wallpapers with trees to liven up your home

Want to bring nature into your home and visually expand your room? Panoramic wallpapers with trees are perfect for that. It is true that many panoramic wallpapers have a nature theme. They draw their inspiration from tapestries, genre scenes, landscapes as well as historical and mythological landscapes of past centuries. A true invitation to the imagination, they allow you to create an unprecedented perspective on your interior and admire the beauty of nature in all its forms.

This theme goes with all decorative styles and atmospheres: whether you have opted for a truly contemporary or rather classic decoration, you will inevitably find the panoramic wallpaper with trees that best suits your interior.

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parasol wallpaper  

The panoramic wallpaper with mountains to s’évader

Are you craving for somewhere else? For the grandiose? Or of great spaces? In addition to our exotic and jungle wallpapers, we will soon offer you to discover our wallpapers with mountains. This theme will also be in several versions: green hills, snowy mountains, misty peaks, volcanoes in ruins, African peaks ...

Expand your horizon with panoramic sea wallpapers

Another option is available to you: that of the marines. These works giving à see scenes of naval battles, ocean landscapes and other sea spray, are perfect to bring a note of softness and a sense of calm à your interior. This is the case of our Calm Sea. This panoramic sea wallpaper was created from various works entitled "Calm Flat" by painter Willem Van de Velde II the Younger. These drawings, originally done in ink, offer an array of grays, blacks and ochres. Thanks to these soft shades and the artist's delicate work, this décor will offer you great security.


sea wallpaper

Create your panoramic wallpaper with a nature theme

As always, with Papiers de Paris, it will be possible for you to design a panoramic wallpaper with sea, mountains or trees personalized. Take the time to browse our site specializing in luxury wallpaper to find inspiration. You can either choose a design that is available right away or have it customized. Indeed, most of our creations can be modified in size and color to fit your needs and your interior. This service allows us to adapt the panoramic wallpaper you have chosen to the actual dimensions of your wall: depending on the height and width of your wall, we will offer you one or more cropping options, taking into account the characteristics of the chosen work. Our entire team is at your disposal to advise you and carry out your projects in the best conditions. We are committed to respecting deadlines and to offering you work with meticulous details and impeccable finishes.


You did not find your happiness? Les Papiers de Paris also produces custom-made decorations on request. Thanks to our workshops located in the center of France, it will be possible to give life to all your decorative projects including panoramic wallpapers. To do this, please visit the photo site of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux. We have established a partnership with this government agency, which allows us to reproduce in wallpaper all the works presented on this site and kept in French museums. We are sure you will find something to create your own panoramic wallpaper with trees.


Give your room a new dimension with our XXL wallpapers

Our panoramic wallpapers aren't just beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We design them with the utmost care to offer you creations that are very easy to install and that last perfectly over time. By choosing one of our creations, you will enjoy a PVC-free non-woven wallpaper that will not fall apart during installation; thanks to its edge-to-edge printing, the result will be clean and without imperfections.

In addition, our panoramic wallpapers with mountains or trees are perfect to sublimate your interiors because they allow you to camouflage all the small defects and asperities of your walls. Thanks to their high resolution digital printing, they are perfectly resistant to light and will keep their colors and freshness for a long time. Also, if you wish, you will be able to easily remove it and tear it dry.