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Contemporary Wallpaper

Rich with striking creations, the contemporary panoramic wallpaper trend combines all possibilities. With a diversity of designs sometimes created from museum works, sometimes born in our French workshop, the collection offers you motifs and graphics of great aesthetic value, capable of giving a very current character to your interior.


Contemporary panoramic wallpaper, an inexhaustible source of inspiration

If a drawing is sometimes better than a long speech to make yourself understood, we can say that contemporary design wallpaper knows how to speak all languages. Popular with the current trend, it allows you to completely transform your decor, while expressing the part of you that is important to you. The 20th century offered exceptional pictorial trends. From Art Deco to Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Mid-century to Oriental, Island and Scandinavian influences, you can take advantage of the most beautiful creations to display your own universe. From one room to another in your apartment or house, wallpapers with designs that are as strong in identity as they are in aesthetics set the scene. With them, you have the freedom to create the atmosphere or the theme that suits you, as the range is so wide. This is also the current trend: dare to juggle styles in the same living room or from one space to another, hallway, bedroom, office. In our collection, you will find panoramic wallpapers whose design is marked by the contemporary spirit. There is such a diversity of genres, textures, patterns, that you are sure to discover the model that echoes your desires or your state of mind.

Design interior wallpaper, an art of living day after day

At a time when interiors have never been more important to cultivate well-being, a wide range of design wallpapers allows you to do just that. We do everything we can to help you realize the decorative project that suits you, first of all by giving you the opportunity to choose between several formats: panoramic wallpaper models with trendy design shape a unique space. You enter a life-size setting, grotesque in inspiration when it is created by Emmanuel Bossuet, and at other times raising you to the summit of Mont Blanc. The contemporary panoramic wallpaper lives with you and elegantly modifies the perception of the place, distilling an incomparable atmosphere. As for the decorative panels, they punctuate your room, punctuating the volumes according to your desire. With In the manner of plants in the spirit of 143, Paul Klee's work allows you to play with the alternation between patterned and plain wall. By turns winking, urban chic or even Art Deco, their particular proportion gives you the possibility of valuable compositions adapted to all interiors. As publishers and designers of high-end frescoes, we are also able to create your wallpaper, with the design you choose. If you want a particular creation, then we are at your disposal. Changing colors, dimensions specifically transposed to your home, we bring your project to life.

The design panoramic wallpaper and you, show your style

Contemporary panoramic wallpaper has its place in your home, whatever the style of your room. Modern and structuring, urban views put your living room, an office or a teenager's bedroom overlooking New York City, in a vision that borrows from softly grayed photographic realism, or is geometric and stylized in the style of the 1930s. The Concorde or Opera series, worthy of haute couture, wonderfully illustrate the spirit of the loft or Parisian chic. There is no need to hesitate to mix styles together. The contemporary fashion reinterprets very popular patterns of past works, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Mid-century. These design wallpapers integrate very successfully in all types of interior design. Antico and "Portrait of an Elderly Man" illustrate the harmony that is created between Bauhaus lines and antique design. Precise shapes and simple patterns give your dining room or hallway a timeless and elegant look. By pairing them with sleek furniture and decorative objects, you create a calm, structured atmosphere.

The great diversity of contemporary decor, the plural art

Our wall decors are an ideal way to renew your living environment, resulting in a contemporary design interior anchored in the trend. High quality, they mask wall imperfections, predestining them for a simple and successful renovation with a perfect finish. Decorative panels or contemporary panoramic wallpapers borrow from all styles, modern, industrial, bohemian, Scandinavian, boudoir. They therefore offer a beautiful diversity of patterns and themes, able to seduce everyone and especially to reflect your tastes. The choice is open between soft and melted tones, almost monochrome graphics as in the Designluxe series, or on the contrary, marked contrasts, spicy color games. In a decor that wants to be modern and uncluttered in the manner of the loft, you can just as easily opt for a design panoramic wallpaper that contrasts black and white, as for the tock and rhinoceros hornbill of Edouard Travies.

Wall decorations and design panoramic wallpaper, create what looks like you

Our collection echoes all the variations of the contemporary trend: the geometry with perfect circles and straight lines, 3D cubes, the Japanese evocations, the invitation to travel, sometimes on a junk on the wonderful Vietnamese bay of Halong, other times thanks to the planispheres preserved by the Air France Museum and that we represent on design wallpapers. The bohemian style, very much in vogue in contemporary fashion, appreciates the evocative power of these decorations. Also at the heart of the trends, the trompe-l'oeil, which installs you in a false glass roof to admire a French garden, or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower to drink your coffee. As you browse our catalog, you're sure to find the decorative panel or contemporary panoramic wallpaper that matches your expectations, for an elegant interior that sets you apart. And if that wasn't the case, our French workshop will accompany you in your reflection, offer you simulations, design the perfect model and realize it in the rules of art.
Roofs of Paris -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Roofs of Paris - Wallpaper mural
Halong bay -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Halong bay - Wallpaper mural
Abstract -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Abstract - Paul Klee - Wallpaper mural
New York 1930 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc New York 1930 - Wallpaper mural
French garden -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc French garden - Wallpaper mural
Eiffel Tower -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Eiffel Tower - Wallpaper mural
New York -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc New York - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #3 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #3 - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #2 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #2 - Wallpaper mural
Concorde Hall -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Concorde Hall - Wallpaper mural
Opera Hall -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Opera Hall - Wallpaper mural
Portrait -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Portrait - Wallpaper mural
Antico -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Antico - Wallpaper mural
Window on Eiffel Tower #1 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Window on Eiffel Tower #1 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux#1 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc DesignLux#1 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #2 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc DesignLux #2 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #3 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc DesignLux #3 - Wallpaper mural
DesignLux #5 -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc DesignLux #5 - Wallpaper mural
Parlor Grotesque  -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Parlor Grotesque - Wallpaper mural
Shelves#1- Decorative Panel  -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Shelves#1- Decorative Panel
Shelves#1L- Decorative Panel  -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Shelves#1L- Decorative Panel
Shelves#1R- Decorative Panel  -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Shelves#1R- Decorative Panel
Custom Lampshade -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc Custom Lampshade
French Alps -  contemporary wallpaper fond blanc French Alps - Mont Blanc - Wallpaper mural