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Our wallpapers as wall decorations

2022-02-18 | GUIDE
Our wallpapers as wall decorations

Papiers de Paris is at your disposal to embellish your interiors and create a unique decorative atmosphere.

We invite you to discover our range of wallpapers as wall decorations; more than our other products, these wallpapers are able to dress your room by creating effects of materials and perspective of a striking realism!
That is why you will find on our site different wallpapers: in the manner of a tapestry, a fresco, a vast painting or a decorative panel... Discover without further delay which wallpaper is made for you!

Wallpaper and wall decor: Papiers de Paris at your service!

For a truly unique interior decoration, we offer our fresco wallpapers and wall decorations! Papiers de Paris embellishes your walls in an original way by putting at your disposal ornaments that you will not find anywhere else. We allow you to find the charm of the original fresco with our wallpapers. Our creations, made from high quality paper and printed with the latest generation of printers, have a final matte finish that looks just like painting in fresh mortar, because that's what the word "fresco" means: it comes from the Italian affresco ("in the fresh"), because for this painting technique the pigments of the pattern are applied in the mortar still fresh. Add to that the fact that our wallpapers are easy to apply edge to edge, which reinforces this impression of realism.
Papiers de Paris designs its wallpapers in its workshop in Central France, so you can choose a wallpaper from our catalog or ask us to design your own fresco wallpaper from a work of art conserved in one of the RMN's member institutions. If the photo is of sufficiently good quality, we can turn it into a wallpaper. All of our models are adaptable in size to perfectly match the dimensions of your room, so don't hesitate to contact our customer service so we can offer you a custom project.

A fresco wallpaper inspired by antique decor

Papiers de Paris is looking for beautiful and timeless panoramic embellishments for its private and professional clients alike. We are inspired by works preserved in public and private collections. That is why you will find in our catalog of fresco wallpapers, products inspired by ancient, medieval, Renaissance or more recent murals or even antique wallpaper
Set in the ,We invite you to discover for example our decorative panels "Pompeian Dancer". This Empire style wallpaper decor was designed from the work Pompeian Dancer with Rhyton by Louis Lafitte (1770-1828) after the drawings of Charles Percier (1764-1838). Depending on the desired effect, this series of 7 panels can be ordered in its entirety or panel by panel. On request, these decorations can be adapted in size and color.
You can also choose our Renaissance fresco based on the work Venus Frustrated by Florentino Rosso. This wallpaper is a wall decoration in its own right because we offer you the possibility of ordering the 8 other frescoes in this set: thus you will be able to decorate all the walls of the same room in the manner of the old noble residences of previous centuries. Finally, to give rhythm to your room, we invite you to discover our architecture wallpapers or even our Chinoiserie.

Our decorating tip: This type of wallpaper is ideal for making two different eras coexist: dare to weave links between contemporary furniture and our fresco wallpapers. Your decoration will have that extra soul that will make all the difference!

Our landscape murals

Do you have a desire to escape and get away from it all? In that case, feel free to browse our "Landscapes" category. We offer a wide choice of large wallpapers on the theme of nature: a real window on the outside that will visually expand the space.
This is especially true of our Panoramic Landscape, a mural depicting a 19th century French landscape. This kind of ornament will create a restful, relaxing atmosphere.Find out more about our antic & neoclassicwallpapers
If nature inspires you but you want to bring a little more color and softness to it, in that case prefer the floral wallpaper or the tropical and exotic fresco.
Thus, the themes of these fresco wallpapers, although classic in appearance, will give a real artistic touch to your home. You'll be right on trend and in the air!

A decidedly contemporary wallpaper

For all that, Papiers de Paris does not only offer you wallpaper decorations from old works since you can also succumb to our contemporary inspirations! Here again, we have carefully selected the works that we transform into wallpapers. This is how you will be able to offer yourself a piece of the most beautiful contemporary art to adorn your room: we have no doubt that this wallpaper will become the centerpiece! Our Kandinsky reference is one of those; this wall decoration created from Two Green Dots will bring graphics and color to your home.
If you're more into understated graphics with the goal of structuring your wall, you'll turn to our "bookcase" decorative panels (this trompe l'oeil depicts ceramics and vases in a modern shelf) and >Concorde Hall (this two-tone composition can be applied in touches or as a full decor).

Thanks to our wallpapers, your room will be warm and gain in charm and authenticity. Papiers de Paris is at your disposal for all the decoration of your bedroom, children's room, living room, dining room, kitchen or even bathroom. Especially since the installation of our wallpaper rolls is very easy:
Apply glue on the wall and on the non-woven, then position the strip as desired.
Roll it up.
Continue in this way to complete the pattern.
One thing is sure: our entire team is at your disposal to help you realize all your projects!