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Made in France

It is in the Center of France, on our site of Blois that we manufacture our panoramic wallpapers.

From design to adaptation and production, everything is done in-house.

Throughout the production of your wallpaper, we guarantee the highest quality not only in terms of the papers and materials used, but also in terms of color and finish.

Bringing French décor to life

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Founded by Jean-Baptiste Denis, an engineer and design artist, Papiers de Paris proposes to revive French decorative heritage through its design and manufacturing workshop, as well as through the reproduction of heritage works.

A pioneer in the re-edition of antique painted paper, it offers French Museums (MAD-Paris, RMN in particular) the opportunity to enhance their collections and develops unique know-how around modern production tools, to meet the most demanding decorative projects.

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Printed art

A true work of art, the panoramas take shape by passing through different stages: The first is the concept, a sketch of the design in its broad lines and colors, intended to validate the harmony of the composition and the desired effect.

This is followed by a step in which the technique to be used for the drawing is explained, followed by the actual drawing phase. Once the main elements have been established, we proceed with the digitization and general balancing of the color ranges.

Please note that this is a very important step in the design process.


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We manufacture the backgrounds in our workshop in Central France.  Digital printing is a widely proven technology used by all panoramic wallpaper manufacturers.

Our difference in quality is linked on the one hand to our expertise in the specific treatment of artwork prior to printing, and on the other to the printing of fine art on perfectly matte paper. All rolls are inspected and may be retouched with gouache if any imperfections are detected.

All of the above is done by hand.


This requirement and these different prints make our prints close to art reproduction. We are constantly looking for the quality of the tail and colors in order to obtain an effect as close as possible to painting

Drawing of panoramic wallpapers

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Some of our collections come from our partners at the Musées Nationaux or Musées des Arts Décoratifs.

We also make our own creations at our workshop based in France, always with a view to offering wall decor in the French tradition.


Re-edition of antique wallpapers

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Keen to offer an ever-expanding range of historic decors of impeccable quality, we are keen to find panoramic wallpapers or wall decor installed in living rooms, dining rooms, or any other room that has benefited from exceptional ornamentation in the past.This approach is often accompanied by a participation in the preservation of a decor or its documentation should it disappear.