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Wallpaper mounted on wooden frame

Wallpaper or Canvas, mounted on chassis

Some wall cannot carry wallpaper!

This is why we developped the skill to mount our wallpapers on frames or chassis so that our client can hang our décors anywhere.

Wallpaper mounted on chassis


To get the soft and matte touch of our wallpaper on panels, in the tradition of antique japanese panels for example, we propose to mount wallpapers on chassis.

Papiers peints sur chassis
Décor panoramique en trois panneaux de 91 x 200cm

Marouflages de papiers peints
Décor en triptyque: Trois chassis de papier peint marouflés.  

A very high end finish, giving the quality of our wallpaper on a perfectly streched panel.

Borders are covered with kraft paper that can be brown or white.

Printed Canvas on Chassis


We propose as wel to print directly on canvas or fabric and to mount on the same wooden chassis

Materials can be coton or polyester canvas.

It is possible to print on velvet as well

100% Made in France

Every part of the product, and its assembly is made in France.

Standard or custioom sizes Standard or custom sizes

Panels come in these standard sizes

  • 61 x 170 cm
  • 91 x 200 cm

Other size are possible upon request

Panneau de papier peint
Panneau simple 60 x 120cm - Paul Klee - (C) RMN

Panneau décoratif en papier peint
Panneau simple - Forêt du Brésil - 91 x 200cm