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Some of our decorative projects

Some decorative projects in development.

To give an idea of the artistic direction and decorative possibilities we offer, here are some horn realisations custom murals and panoramic wallpaper and décorative projects in development.
All our decorations can be realized on canvas or painted paper, depending on the desired final rendering.


Décor Néoclassique, Paris


Réalization of the décor néo-classique d&39;un bureau de style Empire. Inspired by a Dufour wallpaper


3 Decorative panels, Paris


Réalization of décorative panels of painted paper marouflés on canvas stretchers.


Décoration Hôtel


Proposal fordécors wall rooms d'hôtels (concept)


Panoramic wallpaper, Paris


Rendering the panoramic wallpaper of a young girl's bedroom based on antique paintings.


Palms decorative panels


Lés unique wallpaper. Palm and banana trees. Images: tableaux anciens RMN


Antique wallpaper, French landscape


Numérisation d'un papier peint à la planche (fin 18ème). Hunting scene and field


Painted paper 18th, View of New-York 1750


Numérisation of a rare ancient wallpaper and recreation of the panoramic port of New-York