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Technical specifications

What is the material and rendering of your wallpapers?

We use 180g matte intised paper. The rendering is not at all satin or glossy like a vinyl but like a velvety matte paper.

Is the paper thick?

The paper is thick and hides small imperfections in the wall

Will the colors hold up over time?

The inks we use are the most resistant on the market and the colors don't fade. Our decors installed over 10 years ago have not changed in color.

Are wallpapers washable?

The papers are not washable, being perfectly matte. To make them washable, a coat of acrylic matte varnish must be applied. This guarantees good washability, however it makes the decor a little satiny.

Can we remove the wallpaper and re-install it elsewhere?

Using conventional non-woven paper glue, on a surface that has received a coat of primer paint, it will be possible to remove the wallpaper by first spraying the surface with water. Once the paper is wet and the glue has had time to soften, it can be removed. However, this will certainly cause some minor damage to the paper and the 2nd installation will not be as perfect as the first.

What to do if there's a stain on the paper?

In this case, don't use a sponge or rub, but re-decorate with gouache at the spot of the stain.

Can we install your wallpapers in a bathroom?

To install in a bathroom, the paper must be waterproof. And apply a coat of acrylic varnish after installation to protect it from humidity. We can also offer a suitable polyester coating on project

How to install our wallpapers

Is the installation done edge to edge?

Yes, our papers are laid edge to edge, without overlap. In bespoke cases, some overlaps are provided for joints, but this is specific.

Do you order a type of glue to use?

We recommend white pot glues for non-woven paper, such as Metylan Ovalit TM or Quelyd for non-woven paper. Powdered glues are not recommended as they can be too liquid with the wrong dosage

Should I glue the paper or the wall?

Gluing is done on the wall only

Do you provide detailed instructions?

Detailed instructions are provided, as well as an assembly plan or set plan with numbered strips.

Is installation different from conventional wallpaper?

The paper is non-woven and does not shrink when damp. So there's no need to glue and wait 10mn like old papers.

Can you recommend qualified installers?

Installation can be carried out by any qualified and careful installer. Depending on the region, we can sometimes suggest installers.

Is it advisable to add a varnish to protect the paper?

This is advisable in a humid environment and also if there is heavy traffic or risk of soiling. In the latter case, we recommend a type of paper for high-traffic areas, which is an option on project.

How to order wallpaper

My dimensions are different, can you adapt the heights and width?

Yes, all our decors can be adapted in size if your dimensions are different, so don't hesitate to email us with the reference you're interested in.

Is the price per lé or for the whole set?

On our product sheets, it is sometimes indicated "Price per strip", in which case the price corresponds to one strip of the decor. Otherwise, the price is for the entire decor.

Can we order a single strip?

Depending on the type of decor, it's possible to buy by the strip. This is true for large panoramic decors. For one-wall decor in standard size, we sell the whole decor only.

How do I pay for my order?

For online payment, you can pay by credit card, or choose bank transfer. In the latter case, the order will be validated on receipt of your payment.

Order Custom

Can all wallpapers be ordered made-to-measure?

Yes. All our decors can be adapted to your measurements.

How do you place a custom order?

If you'd like to order made-to-measure, we'll need the dimensions of the walls to be covered and the reference of the decor you're interested in.
If there are doors or windows, we'll need a diagram or elevation with measurement indications (without margins) for each element. We then propose a mock-up with an associated estimate
We can then evolve this mock-up according to your comments, until a final project is drawn up. The order can then be placed /p>

Do you add installation margins for custom wallpaper?

Yes. We add margins to all custom decors, to make installation easier.

Where and how to see your wallpapers

How to order a sample to see the rendering?

Samples can be ordered at this page.
It's not possible to choose the sample at the beginning, so you have to start the sample order and then indicate the reference in the order comment, or by email.

Do you have any resellers?

No, we sell our products directly.

Where can I see your wallpapers?

The decors can be seen at our showroom, here is the Showroom pagep with the modalities to visit us


Do you have specific rates for professionals?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for painting companies and 20% for specifiers, architects, decorators.

How to receive samples.

For professionals, we send samples free of charge, up to a limit of 3 samples

Do your papers comply with hotellerie standards?

For professional projects, we offer a range of coatings to meet all hotel standards.


How is the delivery going?

Delivery is made by UPS or DHL courier, in working days. It is important to provide us with detailed information (codes, intercoms, cell phone) in order to facilitate this step.

What will be the size and weight of the packages?

Packages are approximately 100x20x20cm and 4kg for a wall

Can I choose the delivery schedule?

It's not possible to choose the delivery time during the day, but we can sometimes deliver before 1pm

What happens if the package is damaged?

In this case, you can accept the parcel but it's important to notify a reserve to the deliveryman, and in any case send us a photo of the parcel. You must then check whether the paper has been damaged. If this is the case, we will of course replace the order as quickly as possible

What happens if I've installed a roller incorrectly, is it possible to re-order it?

Yes, it is possible in this case to re-order the strip to be redone. In some cases, however, there may be a slight color difference with the first run.

What are your return conditions?

Returns are possible for wallpaper orders in standard sizes placed by a private individual. Custom decors cannot be returned.