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Wallpaper Chinoiserie

2022-03-07 | BUYING GUIDE

Among our most beautiful wallpapers, chinoiseries are among the most popular! This decorative theme is the epitome of what we offer, as it is a luxurious and timeless decor. Check out our most beautiful designs in this genre and what they can bring to your room!

A little history

Since the 17th century, the style inspired by Chinese artifacts and more broadly by Asia has not ceased to emulate. Timeless, luxurious and lush, the various rolls of chinoiserie wallpaper we offer on our site are the continuity of what was done then. Indeed, from the 17th to the 19th century, chinoiseries were everywhere: on walls of course, but also in the form of trinkets, vases, textiles and many other decorative pieces.
We loved their very eclectic, elegant, whimsical, exuberant and opulent patterns associated with noble materials such as silk or porcelain. In terms of color, the warm aspect is not left behind since these images are the beautiful part of red, pink, gold, jade green, orange, saffron yellow and in another register to the blue, when the Chinese wallpaper finds its inspiration in the washes and Asian prints.
Today, it is rarely a question of betting on a total look; from now on, chinoiseries dare to use more discreet touches: a wallpaper judiciously placed in a strategic place of the room that we associate with a sober and contemporary furniture.

Our panoramic chinoiserie wallpapers for all your projects

Papiers de Paris has developed a whole range of chinoiseries wallpapers to meet all your decorating desires, so you will find papers inspired by Asia and more globally by the Far East. Our chinoiseries wallpapers can border on abstraction or on the contrary present motifs and elements typical of this exotic culture such as birds, peacocks or cherry trees. They will therefore find their place in all the rooms of your house (living room, bedroom, children's room...) but also hotel reception, restaurant room, guest room, store, etc... Our collection of wallpapers with chinoiseries is most eclectic, so you will find every time the reference that will suit you best.
For example, Chinoiserie 18ème/ is a panoramic wallpaper created from an original that took place in the apartment of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent. This decor features birds nestled in the branches of fruit trees and flowering shrubs. If you prefer a traditional decor, we invite you to discover Chinese Mountains: a panoramic wallpaper with chinoiseries created from a work painted on paper entitled Journeys in the South of the Kangxi Emperor by Hui Wang. The original decoration is an ink painting on silk.

Our Asian style decorative wall panels

Our panoramic wallpapers with chinoiserie also come in the form of decorative panels. This is the case with Flowers and Bird made from a ten-panel screen by Yi Han-Ch'ol Hui-Won, a Korean painter. This decoration depicts birds on flowers and branches. These motifs are represented in green on a blue background but can be adapted in shape and color according to your wishes, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.
To perfect this decorative side, we can maroufler this panoramic paper of Asian style on canvas stretched on wooden frame. You will thus obtain an ornament of the most beautiful effect which will be able to take place within a decoration with woodworks (in a Haussmannian living room for example). This is why, if you wish to wallpaper different rooms or several walls with the same decor, we are able to create adaptations of our panoramic wallpapers on elevation. We will email you plans and renderings of what your custom wallpapers will look like once they are installed!
In addition to this purely ornamental wall decor, our catalog of panoramic wallpapers and chinoiseries also includes decorations showing scenes of life typical of the Chinese lifestyle and culture, with the manufacturing of porcelain and teas. These historical wallpapers come in eight panels that can also be customized in size and color upon request.

Papers of Paris: exceptional craftsmanship at the service of your decoration

Discover the beauty and authenticity of our chinoiserie wallpapers. Our luxury wallpaper workshop located in the Center enhances the world's artistic heritage by reissuing old wallpapers or reproducing various works on this medium. To do so, we carefully select the most beautiful works worthy of being reproduced on wallpaper. We draw our inspiration from all over the world: our references come from public collections (we have a partnership with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux) as well as from private collections.
Thanks to modern digital printing techniques and the quality of the materials we use, the rendering is exceptional and pays tribute to the original work.
Moreover, our products are also appreciated by professionals and private individuals because they are pleasant to install: they do not deform or shrink. In addition, they hide small imperfections in the walls and will allow you to obtain a result without equivalent! To make your job easier, all our wallpaper references are delivered with a specific assembly plan and detailed instructions. Finally, we ensure a fast and careful delivery.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you and make your decoration desires a reality! We can also welcome you by appointment in our Parisian showroom to present you all our models! You will be able to see for yourself the quality and know-how of our products! With Papiers de Paris wallpapers, make your walls a decoration in their own right! No more simple and monochrome walls!