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Our panoramic trompe-l'oeil wallpapers

2015-09-14 |
Our panoramic trompe-l'oeil wallpapers

Since its appearance, wallpaper has lent itself to all kinds of metamorphoses to deceive our perception and our senses. Painters, engravers and decorators have had fun playing with light and shade and perspective to create true optical illusions. They could then become real windows open towards an exotic or dreamed landscape.

Our trompe l'œil landscape wallpapers

Want to create a sense of depth in your room or visually enlarge it? For this, landscape painted wallpapers are ideal: in fact, they offer a wide range of styles and themes that bend to your every taste and desire. You will find on our website a vast catalog of trompe l'oeil wallpapers; these landscapes can be exotic, mythological, antique, classical, or historical, etc. Don't hesitate to browse through our categories to discover our different collections. All of our products are available to order or can be customized in size and color to match any interior configuration and design style. Do you have a work in progress and want it to become the focal point of your room? Our company, Papiers de Paris, offers you its assistance to bring all your ornamental projects to life! We want to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to contact us with your wishes. We will be sure to get back to you with a personalized and detailed quote.



trompe l'oeil wallpaperProduct on the image : JARDIN D'ARMIDE - WALLPAPER

Our painted papers as ornaments and architectural elements

You want to decorate your walls with marble, faïence, cement tiles, moldings, cornices, balusters or woodwork without embarking on major or onéreux work? The panoramic trompe l'oeil wallpaper is a real solution. The decorations designed by Papiers de Paris offer you models whose perspective effects offer a perfect verisimilitude with the most noble materials and decorations. By placing our wallpapers on the walls or ceilings of your apartment, house, hotel, restaurant or business, you will create a warm and even grandiose atmosphere.

Please note that our wallpapers are available in a wide range of colors.

This is especially true with our wallpaper ceiling, which reproduces the effects of marble and stucco by combining two types of patterns: a frieze with ovals and acanthus leaves at the corners combined with a central, vivid rose window. Made to measure, this trompe l'oeil decorative piece adapts to all interiors and styles to enhance them. You can also be tempted by our panoramic wallpapers and other decorative panels reproducing oriental ceramic tiles or cement tiles. These ornamental tiles are created on demand according to the desired dimensions. If desired, we can also combine borders and center patterns to create a custom trompe l'oeil wallpaper.



trompe l'oeil libraryProduct on the image : SHELVES#1- DECORATIVE PANEL

Our trompe l'oeil decorative panels

The trompe lœil decorative panels are a third category of ornamentation that we offer in our online store. This type of wallpaper differs from our other models in that it is made of a single strip. You can install a single panel to add an original touch to your decoration, or you can combine several panels of the same type to create a beautiful decorative ensemble. You will find on our site various kinds of trompe l'oeil panels to meet your wishes. Discover our architectural decorations, grotesques or other reproductions of Rouen faience, etc. ...

Paintings-paintings that reproduce tapestries

The art of tapestry has been perpetuated over time, and many contemporary artists have taken up the exercise. If you wish, you can enjoy these splendid creations with our high quality wallpapers. Wallpaper has always been an expensive decorative element due to its long and meticulous design. It was therefore logical that the first trompe l'oeil panoramic wallpapers should take up this type of design, drawing inspiration from their characteristic textures and colors. Papiers de Paris puts at your disposal models reproducing superb wall hangings of mosaic or modern style. They will be perfect to warm up your interior by bringing a small cosy and warm touch. In particular, we invite you to admire our version of the Lady Unicorn with its shimmering colors and wealth of ornamental details.


trompe l'oeil tapestryProduct on the image : THE LADY AND THE UNICORN 1/5 - WALLPAPER

Papiers de Paris creates custom trompe l'œil wallpapers

Looking for a custom trompe lœil wallpaper? You are in the right place! Our French company offers wallpapers on demand. Thanks to our mastery of the process, we can design for you all types of panoramic trompe-l'oeil wallpapers. Digital printing makes almost any project possible because it allows for very high quality printing at an affordable cost. Looking for inspiration? Browse through our site to see our styles. They are all customizable in size and color. If needed, we can even customize panoramic horns to create a unique interior design for each of our clients. We also invite you to browse the photo database of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux to locate the work that interests you.


We have, in fact, established a partnership with the RMN, which allows us to create your trompe l'oeil wallpapers to measure, from the works found on the base. Of course, we check the quality of the reproduction in order to be sure to offer you a perfect result and come back to you with a personalized estimate for the composition of your unique wall decoration. Papiers de Paris is committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we invite you to contact us at 09 81 80 28 33 to discuss your project. We will be able to bring you a clear and precise answer in order to bring it to life: cement printing wallpaper, marble, woodwork, tiles but also historical or landscape decorations, etc.; digital printing offers all the possibilities.