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Exotic trend: our panoramic wallpapers

2018-06-06 | GUIDE

Exoticism invites itself into your home for the first light of summer, taking with it exceptional flora and fauna. 


We selected for you a multitude of exotic decorations to make your interiors colorful, wild and bright.
Inspired by works, these designs reflect a tropical trend that illustrates the wild world with its vegetation and animals. Through our collection, you will find the decor "Eden", large panoramic intense in colors and vegetation, "Paradise" which illustrates the animals of the forest, "Brazil", representation of a forest full of life and cheerful colors. Also, "La Palmeraie", tropical inspiration work representing sunny islands and finally the "Egypt" decor, in the colors of the tropics of the desert.
Dare the exotic trend of summer flavors to dress your walls and make your interiors alive.

Our selection

Papier peint eden  

Panoramic wallpaper from the Desfossé factory, created in 1861 and designed by Louis Joseph Fuchs. A foreground presenting an exotic landscape of meadows, lush jungle, pierced by more distant views of rivers, mountains animated by some birds and animals.

Eden - Papiers de Paris - (c) MAD Paris / Jean Tholance / Papiers de Paris

Picture credit : AD MiddleEast

Design : Stacey Kouros Design

Photo : Anson Smart

Papier peint paradis  
Decorative wallpaper created from the work "Le Paradis" by Jan Brueghel II the Younger (1601-1678)


Lush scenery of forest and animals on which stand out especially monkeys and parrots

Paradis - Papiers de Paris - (C) BPK, Berlin, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Jörg P. Anders

Papier peint brésil  

Panoramic wallpaper from the Jules Desfossé manufacture, created in 1862. and designed by Louis Joseph Fuchs. Theme of Brazil, showing a succession of exotic plants and birds.

Brésil - Papiers de Paris - (C) MAD Paris / Jean Tholance / Papiers de Paris

Papier peint palmeraie  

Exotic decorative wallpaper created from the work "Interior of the palm grove of Berlin's Peacock Island" by Carl Belchen (1798-1840), German painter

Palmeraie 1 - Palmeraie 2 Papiers de Paris - (C) BPK, Berlin, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Elke Walford

Papier peint palmier doum  

Panoramic wallpaper created from the work "Description de l'Egypte: Palmier Doum." by Jean-Louis Delignon (1755-1830).

Palmier Doum - Papiers de Paris - Collection privée

Papier peint palmier doum  

Scenic wallpaper mural created from the painting "La demeure d'un "labrador"" of Frans Post (vers 1612-1680)

Bresilian Plantation - Papiers de Paris - (C) RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / René-Gabriel Ojéda

Papier peint palmier doum  

Exotic Panoramic wallpaper from the french 19th century Joseph Dufour factory , created in 1804 and designed by Jean-Gabriel Charvet . Also known as "The savages of the Pacific sea" it describes an idalistic view of the new worlds and their discoveries by James Cook or, in France , Lapérouse. Scenes take places in Pacific Islands like Tahiti, sandwich Islands, Vanuatu...where we can see many characters like dancers, hunters, fishermen..

Captain Cook's travel - Papiers de Paris - (C) MAD Paris / Jean Tholance / Papers Paris