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5 ideas for headboard wallpapers

2017-08-24 | GUIDE

How to use wallpaper in the bedroom? A good idea  which requires a little imagination and audacity. What are the opportunities given by our products? Here is a quick overview...

Mix classical and contemporary

Inserting a classical decor in a contemporary environment always has an important effect when lines respond and create a timeless dialogue.

Papier peint design


A large sketch giving a feminine touch and ultra decorative to a contemporary room


Papier peint tete de lit femininMascarade


The room decoration can be romantic and conducive to the reverie. Here a girl bedroom  in a gray-beige camaieux

Papier peint - chambre de jeune fille

Swan Lake


Manuscrit et carnets de voyages

Traveling, imagining ... the manuscript decors invite to calm, reading, escape ..

Papier peint - chambre de jeune fille
Tete de lit- papier manuscrit


Finally, exoticism, with in camaïeux associated with the colors of the room, remains a unavoidable decorative theme

Tete de lit exotique
Tete de lit paysage

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romantic scenic wallpaper

View from Rome 

Sublimate a bedroom with a wallpaper headboard

The bedroom is a private space essential to daily well-being. Making it a welcoming place where you feel good makes sense. However, everyone has their own point of view on the decorative elements, colors or patterns that make you feel at ease. Maybe you like your sleeping area to be peaceful and soft, with a romantic wallpaper headboard, or maybe you like a trompe l'oeil wallpaper for a sleek, modern, loft-style headboard? The bedroom reflects your personality. Even if it's meant for entertaining friends or family, the decor you create in your bedroom conveys your image. A wallpaper headboard in a bedroom is a great way to add a touch of your own. The bed is often the centerpiece and the headboard is perfect for communicating a soul, a focal point. Our headboard wallpapers give the accent wall a strong visual impact. In no time, you're giving identity, infusing your style, transforming your room.

Playing with styles, 1001 wallpaper headboard ideas

Properly choosing the wallpaper that will make up the headboard is both about ensuring overall consistency and breaking free from creative limitations. Does your bedroom host designer decor or an ultra-modern work? You can bet on a classic representation! Interior designers love the mix and match. How about a Turkish scene or the Garneray series in a contemporary room? In a bohemian setting, a jungle theme or a travel journal expresses a part of you. Imagine the Montgolfières, old engravings of Turgot's plans, integrated in a loft or industrial style and highlighting raw materials and pure lines. You have several options to dress up the headboard with wallpaper in your room: decorative panels that give rhythm to the volumes, the headboard in wallpaper that protrudes on each side or the wall entirely covered with a trompe-l'oeil wallpaper, to invent an original and fascinating headboard. Whatever your style, we advise you on the best ideas for unique headboards in high quality aesthetic wallpapers.

Wallpaper headboard in your bedroom, set a unique atmosphere

By implementing your wallpaper headboard idea, you create a whole universe. And with it, a very special atmosphere that you are attached to. Our collection draws from the diversity of the most beautiful creations so that you can express yourself according to your desire. Country air, vacation home, girl's room, glamorous master suite, comfort and sophistication of the boudoir, or an invitation to cocooning, you will surely find your favorite decor for the headboard of your bedroom. Do you dream of discovering distant horizons? The headboard wallpapers illustrating planispheres, frigates, ports, travel books, exoticism will offer you new explorations. To create a muffled atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, the headboards in soft tones or in grisaille bring serenity. There's no shortage of classical inspirations, with seascapes, lush landscapes, oriental scenes or the Gardens of Arcueil by the famous Oudry. If your heart leans toward the intimacy of the boudoir, you'll delight in decorative panels featuring that of the Queen Marie Antoinette. For chic urban decor, trompe l'oeil headboard wallpapers will surprise you with interpretations of city views or intriguing geometric patterns. Whichever you choose, it invariably lends a unique character to the room.

Transform volumes with trompe l'oeil headboard wallpaper

The decorative and sensory power of trompe l'oeil is remarkable. When it comes to a panoramic, wallpaper so placed at the headboard gives you the perception of overlooking a vast whole. Choose a landscape and you'll feel like you're part of the gardens of the Petit Trianon, at the Lake Albano shoreline drawn by William Turner, or even like you've entered Jan Brueghel's Paradise. A panoramic wallpaper headboard is ideal for enlarging the space, oxygenating the room, and giving it the cachet of exceptional works. Transporting you to another place and sometimes another time, trompe l'oeil headboard wallpapers add wonder or surprise to the depth effect. Your headboard wallpaper becomes a library or a winter garden, your accent wall is transformed into a balcony, a travel journal that invites you to escape, or a Renaissance manuscript that plunges you into metaphysical dreams. Very close to trompe l'oeil, the headboard dressed with an architectural wallpaper transforms the room by structuring it in a very original way.

Reinvent your interior with Papiers de Paris expertise

Publishers and designers of unique, high-quality headboard wallpapers, we offer an inspiring palette, ranging from 18th century or neoclassical decor to modern Mid-century or Arts and Craft, design, contemporary looks, through floral designs, exotic, geometric. It allows you to implement combinations of colors, styles, patterns and textures, as well as aesthetic biases that are uniquely yours. We create perfectly rendered murals, custom if necessary, for exceptional wallpaper headboards that embody an entire art of living.